Matatu Rules

These rules below pertain to both classic and joker rules of the game. Matatu is a multiplayer game played between 2-7 friends


Starting the game

Shuffle the cards into random order. Serve 7/10 cards to each player distributing 1 at a time in clockwise/anticlockwise direction around the table.



Place the remainder of the cards in deck facing down. Place a random card called the chopper below this deck. The card must not be a joker or seven



Cards are played heart on hearts, flowers on flower, diamonds on diamonds and spades on spades. Matching card numbers and types are also allowed.



Aces are used to ask for what you want. The spade ace also blocks pick two's, three's and jokers. The rest of the aces can be played anywhere as long as one is not required to pick


Jay's and Eight's

In a two player game these cards allow the player to play again after they are played. In more than 2 player, Jay reverses the game order and Eight skips the next player


Two, Three & Joker

In classic mode playing pick two's make the next player pick two cards. In joker mode, pick three's and jokers make the next player pick three and five cards respectively.



Chopping must be done with card value below 30 points. Depending on the card type displayed as the chopper, the corresponding seven can chop the game, e.g if it is six hearts then the seven hearts can chop the game


Game over

The game ends when a player has played all his cards and is thus the winner. Also when one chops, counting of players card value is done and the player with the least wins the game.

Card Value

Below are the card values of diffrent cards in the deck

  • Joker = 50
  • Aces- diamonds, hearts, flowers = 15
  • Aces - spades = 60
  • King = 13
  • Queen = 12
  • Jay = 11
  • Ten = 10
  • Eight = 8
  • Seven = 7
  • Six = 6
  • Five = 5
  • Four = 4
  • Three = 3 [Classic]
  • Three = 30 [Joker]